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Re: just adopted amazon ,need words of advice

Posted by Fred on 4/28/09
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    On 3/25/09, bob wrote:
    > hello everybody.finally it is a dream come tru,we just
    > adopted green amazon,he is friendly but screeches and make
    > funny noise when u try to touch him,although he just
    > nibbles u.i know some of u are experienced bird owners,so
    > ur word of advice and experiece will make it easy to raise
    > our new babby.thanks

    Hi Bob,

    I ended up adopting a 25 year old Yellow Nape. When my GF
    got divorced, her ex hubby took the dog and gave her the
    bird. In the three years since Zeus has become far more
    social. I just helped him along but didn't push, expanding
    slowly what areas were ok for petting and rubbing. Always
    treating him gently with understanding. He seems to have
    fallen in love with me right off. He wants what we are
    having. So he always gets some tastes of whatever we are
    having. His base bowl gets a mix of fresh veggies; bok choy
    (mostly leaves some stems), napa cabage mostly leaves some
    stems), romaine and red leaf lettace (darker leaves the
    better), parsely, as well as 2 - 4 fruits, inseason and
    edamame and some cooked chicken or beef or lamb or pork. If
    we don't have anything suitable I keep a little cubed lean
    beef on hand in the freezer that I sautee for him. Add a
    little brown rice or potato or spanish rice (brown) etc and
    he is usually happy. He has come to prefer the fresh food
    to the seeds which he eats occasionally when he doesn't see
    anything he likes. Scrambled eggs with greep pepper and
    sauteed onion he likes too. Carrot sticks and celary sticks
    he eats hand fed when we are having same. He has an entire
    room of his own and is never locked in the cage. He likes
    to join us for veggies munching with the evening news.