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Re: just adopted amazon ,need words of advice

Posted by Amazon Fan on 7/17/09
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    On 3/25/09, bob wrote:
    > hello everybody.finally it is a dream come tru,we just
    > adopted green amazon,he is friendly but screeches and make
    > funny noise when u try to touch him,although he just
    > nibbles u.i know some of u are experienced bird owners,so
    > ur word of advice and experiece will make it easy to raise
    > our new babby.thanks

    Hi Bob,

    My first words of advice would be "BE CAREFUL". When a bird is in a new
    situation, he will usually seem friendlier than he might be if he were in his old
    home. This will last a week or two, until he becomes very comfortable, then he
    may get nippy and try to test you. If you are not experienced with Amazons, you
    need to be very careful not to let him around your face until you know him very

    Now, you may have one of the rare parrots that never ever bite. I'll tell you from
    experience, they are very few and far between. When most Amazon's bite, they
    don't like to let go for a few seconds (seems like hours!), and they will "grind"
    the beak as they bite. Not trying to frighten you, but I want you to understand
    that they can cause harm to an eye, ear, or nose if allowed close to the face.

    The noises you refer to sound like my female when she is doing her "breeding
    noises". Every time I pet her, she puts her head down, her butt up, and makes a
    "honking" type of noise. She's also one of the rare birds that will never bite, but
    she's a one person bird, and will attack anyone else but me. She's never bitten

    Anyway, not trying to scare you. Keep offering treats and doing everything you
    can to let your new bird know that YOU are in control. If he or she does
    something bad, tell it "no" quietly, and immediately stop playing with it. I have
    nine birds, and all of them LOVE to get a reaction out of me, such as an "OUCH!".
    If you are not careful, you will end up letting your new bird train you! Good luck.