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Re: just adopted amazon ,need words of advice

Posted by amy on 7/20/10
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    On 7/17/09, Amazon Fan wrote:
    > On 3/25/09, bob wrote:
    >> hello everybody.finally it is a dream come tru,we just
    >> adopted green amazon,he is friendly but screeches and make
    >> funny noise when u try to touch him,although he just
    >> nibbles u.i know some of u are experienced bird owners,so
    >> ur word of advice and experiece will make it easy to raise
    >> our new babby.thanks

    bob is right on them being a one person bird. I rescued mine
    when he was 15 years old and I knew he wasnt the most loveable
    bird. but at first he was nicer to everyone but then he luckly
    attached himself to me and if a man came in my house he made a
    fuss and if some one came in with out me he would hold them
    hostage untill I came home. but he never bit me. but I was
    told when they bite dont pull away you push towards them and
    they will let go. and they like to take and express their
    opionion useing different tones and he would make a slight
    clicking chatery noise when he was happy. but its just like
    getting to know people it takes time.