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Re: Panama Amazon

Posted by Alabama on 7/17/09
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    On 7/11/09, Dawn wrote:
    > I will be getting a Panama Amazon in Sept. They are being
    > handraised and fed from a wonderfull breeder. I run a
    > daycare from my home and do have a few other parrots. I
    > was wondering if I should get a male or female. The Panama
    > will be kept the house and be part of our family. I heard
    > amazons males can be very aggressive during mating season.
    > But I read and was told by breeder that there is no
    > difference between males and female Panamas.

    Dawn, I have a male and a female that I've had for ten and eleven years. They
    are trained pets, that are allowed to free-flight outdoors. They are both hand-
    tame. They are both EXCELLENT talkers, rivaling any Grey or Yellow-Nape. Mine
    are actually Yellow-Crowned Amazons (which many people try to pass off as
    Panama Amazons because it's pretty hard to tell the difference), but they should
    have the same personality as the Panama's.

    I am hand-feeding a clutch of three babies that I pulled from them a week ago.
    I am able to handle them throughout their breeding and raising of babies (don't
    try this at home!!), as they don't seem affected by breeding aggression as are
    many parrots (probably because I play with them daily).

    They are my favorite of all bird breeds. I love their comical personalities and the
    fact that the more people that come around, the more they talk. Many birds
    don't like talking in front of people. You will love your new bird. If I had to
    choose between male or female, I'd probably pick female. I say this only
    because most male Amazon's are moody during mating season, even though
    mine is not. As far as talking ability, both of mine are equal in ability to talk.