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Re: Anyone have white front amazons aka spectacled amazons

Posted by Marla Mays on 4/03/11
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    On 1/16/10, in or near kentucky wrote:
    > I am looking for white front amazon aka spectacled
    > amazons, in or near southeast, kentucky. I would take pet
    > or breeder pair.
    I have a male that I would not part with, but, I would love
    to get him a female from 2 to25 years old. I would never
    part with him. Please if you find extra females let me know
    Good luck in your search. There are many adds but I have not
    contacted them all as of this time. The one lady had just
    sold her last female, se was in Florida. I think her name
    was Cindy Thanks and good luck. As you know they are kinda
    rare in the U.S. Marla..... Griff BirdsandWays Classifieds
    c9071933 amozons/Birds That is how they spelled it. Hope
    that helps you. It took about a day or 2 to get back w/me