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Re: new adopted blue front amazon question

Posted by April on 3/31/13
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    Amazons are tricky birds. If he is regurgitating then he sees
    you as a mate. It is Important if he is out that people
    announce they are coming into the room and NO one should ever
    have him on their shoulder. If someone comes into the room and
    he is close to you and his seeing you as a mate he may attack
    you Amazons are silly in that way LOL When I rescued the BF we
    have here I was told he did not like women but since I am the
    only one who feeds cleans and cares for him well he has
    learned to accept me. Working with him and using a perch start
    long and slowly make it smaller as he accepts you. If you are
    not yet ready to take him out then I would be sure to offer
    safe treats that he really likes to help reward him in cage
    Also always use commands and be consistent Amazons work best
    with a routine. When I want to pet him I say Touch and he
    bends his head for a scratch I say step up or step down he
    tells me to get out in a deep male voice yea we are working on
    that one LOL
    Also learn to read Amazon body language. One thing they always
    tell you in their body language what they are about to do if
    he spreads his tail feathers and his pupils in his eyes start
    flashing (getting big then small real fast well one should
    back up and wait a bit.
    Email me if you need more help I have oodles of links and
    handouts I use for my education classes I do.
    The adoption was through a real rescue and they did not offer
    a class or any information on amazons??

    Good Luck

    On 8/18/10, rachael wrote:
    > I have recently adopted an 18 year old rescue blue front.
    > I have had him just over a week (the rescue thought he was
    > a male). I have never had an amazon before, but
    > understand that this is definitely an adult bird. He will
    > let me pet him through the bars (from the first day) and
    > talks up a storm. He also likes my daughter, but lunged
    > at my husband. I understand that he doesn't like men, but
    > would like to work on that. He also regurgitates for me
    > at times, and I walk away to discourage this action. He
    > does not play much, although he has a huge cage full of
    > toys. I don't know what is most important to keep him
    > happy. Any ideas? Will he learn to say more words at
    > this age? Will he eventually bite at me when he is
    > comfortable?
    > Thanks!