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Post: new adopted blue front amazon question

Posted by rachael on 8/18/10

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    I have recently adopted an 18 year old rescue blue front.
    I have had him just over a week (the rescue thought he was
    a male). I have never had an amazon before, but
    understand that this is definitely an adult bird. He will
    let me pet him through the bars (from the first day) and
    talks up a storm. He also likes my daughter, but lunged
    at my husband. I understand that he doesn't like men, but
    would like to work on that. He also regurgitates for me
    at times, and I walk away to discourage this action. He
    does not play much, although he has a huge cage full of
    toys. I don't know what is most important to keep him
    happy. Any ideas? Will he learn to say more words at
    this age? Will he eventually bite at me when he is

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