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Re: Blue Fronted Amazon, "Hooter"

Posted by Marie on 3/02/11
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    Marc i am so sorry for your loss.
    I actually work wih a rescue and the director has a BF
    Amazon she took in that is well prefers men and not really
    caring to deal with a woman.
    She is hoping the right man will happen along to meet him
    and possibly they atach to one another.

    Where do you live?
    Are you open to adopting another Blue front and possibly
    one that may take a lil time to adjust though he does accept
    men a Lot more than woman.
    If so contact me

    On 8/31/10, Mac wrote:
    > Tonight when you check on your amazon parrot before you go
    > to bed, if you can hold her close again, do it. Sometimes
    > they leave you in the morning before you get back to them.
    > I had the privilege of sharing her life for just 8 1/2
    > years. She was thought to be "between 3 and 4 years, but
    > older than 7 years". However, the necropsy said Hooter was
    > between 45 and 50 years old. The equivalency of CHF is what
    > took her.
    > Her cage is empty. I threw all her toys away. I couldn't
    > bare to look at them. We have three other non amazon
    > However, my home is like a tomb. My heart is broken. At
    > first, I didn't believe she was gone. Then I was angry she
    > left me. Now I am just feel so unloved and alone; and, I
    > wonder who will pull the hairs out of my ears. I miss her
    > much. I sit and hold the little cedar box that holds her
    > remains and feel so empty and lost...
    > I am writing this, because I am wondering if someone
    > understands and can explain what's wrong with me. My wife
    > broke down, screaming and crying. I can't seem to cry.