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Re: scam on eggs

Posted by eng on 5/26/11
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    On 11/10/10, sandra wrote:
    > My name is Sandra and I sent away for some amazon yellow
    > nap parrots eggs for my female yellow nape parrot she has
    > layed two eggs and she coos,to them. she lays on them night
    > and day,and I have to buy some more parrots eggs that are
    > ferital parrots eggs,,,,not checken eggs if you know of
    > some-one in LynnWood Washington please get in touch with
    > me. the phone number is 425 678 8165 Thank you Sandra
    Hi Sandra. Ihad the same problem on line. there is a lot of
    people out there just to try and get rich quick on our time
    and thats not fair and not only that i spent `100.00
    dollars becouse thar said that i had to buy more than five
    or he could not send them to me becouse it would cost hem
    to much money to ship them to me for just five egges so me
    and a few buddys got together and sent hen the one hundred
    dollers and where we mad we recived unfertiel eggs and they
    where not parrots eggs becouse they where to big a parrots,,
    egge is only about one inch I ALSO HAVE a hen that lays
    on her tow eggs ond there is no mate. so I too am looking for
    some eggs to put under my hen. they will lay on them if
    you hold them and put your sent on them. dont try
    and wash them that will kill them .