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Post: 30+ yellow cheeked amazon

Posted by Teri on 6/15/11

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    heool, i am the proud mew mom to a beautiful amazon. she
    has a couple of disabilities. she has a bad left hip and
    bad right wing(from falling off pearch). she has been this
    way over 17 yrs. her last owner didnt spend much time with
    her, she seems to love me quite alot. is this just a phase
    cuz ive been really attentive to her? or could she really
    have bomded with me in the 10 days ive had her? i have 7
    other birds 4 parakeets, blue indian ringneck, a white
    eyed conure(he is totally in love with my son) and a young
    cockatiel. of all my birds only the tiel seems to like me,
    so i was so suprised peepers (my amazon) took to me so
    quick. even though she is older, does she have the ability
    to learn new things? peepers talks alittle, mostly when
    shes excited ( peepers loves it when the tiel, hurley,
    comes out in the morning). peepers is afraid of men, a man
    hit her and caused the damage to her leg. she seems to
    appreciate the fact that her cage is open all day, even if
    she only wants to come out after dark, with alittle help
    from me she can climb ontop of her cage and look around.
    all of my birds are rescues. any words of advice are
    greatly needed and appreciated. thank you from peepers and
    myself. have a great day!

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