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Re: eggs

Posted by Susan on 7/22/11
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    On 6/16/11, McBeth wrote:
    > My Yellow-naped Amazon just turned 19 yrs.old - had her
    > for 18 yrs.
    > Yesterday she laid her first egg - unfertilized. I removed
    > the egg. I was advised to leave the egg in her cage but I
    > had already tossed it. I understand she may enter a
    > potentially dangerous 'egg laying frenzy'. Today she laid
    > another egg !! I left it in her cage & she broke it.
    > Do I need to DO something??!!

    Hi McBeth, If you decide to raise chicks, I have a
    beautiful male double yellow head that's in prime breeding
    condition and is calling for a female everyday! I am selling
    him for $535.00. Let me know if you are interested.

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