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Re: taming my Amazons

Posted by April on 3/31/13
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    They should truly be in their own cages. How large is the cage
    they are in? I ask as I have a huge Macaw cage for my ONE blue
    Front and another for the DYH we have in the rescue. I would
    also be sure to take one at a time to another room to work
    with them. You say they are not tame are you able to handle
    them at all? I know with the BF I have to move him with a
    perch But then I lie to perch train all large birds in case
    someone else has to take one to the doctors or something of
    that nature they are able to move them around without a bite.
    If you need some tips or help feel free to email me.
    You state they are part of a large bird rescue Do they not
    match up the birds to people that have the skill set to handle
    this type or that type bird? Also I cannot believe they did
    not think it was a good idea to put them in different cages.
    Very strange. Anyway if you need help give me a shout. What
    type zons are they? are they all the same kind? I ask as
    Amazon breedng time is coming to a end soon and I can not
    handle mine at all at that time I also cannot believe three
    are in one cage and no oone has killed another.

    Good Luck

    On 8/27/11, Trisha wrote:
    > I am a new parrot owner. They are part of a large bird
    > rescue, anyhow I have three Amozons in one large cage for
    > taming reasons should I separate them to become more
    > dependent on me