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Re: amazon talking ability

Posted by Angel on 3/13/13
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    On 9/02/12, Becky O wrote:
    > On 5/30/12, Myia wrote:
    >> On 12/08/11, jennifer wrote:
    >>> I am looking to get a double yellow headed and was gonna
    >>> get a little bit older bird than a baby. I have heard and
    >>> read that their talking abilities to learn more words stops
    >>> at around 11 months. Does anyone know if this is true ? Can
    >>> an amazon learn more words? Thanks for your replys
    >> Still looking for an Amazon ??
    > My yellow naped ones are 16yo and they are learning new words.

    My Yellow naped is 3 years old and just added a few new words:
    See you later Alligator, don't bite, bite me, hola.

    If you are still considering a Yellow nape, be careful as they
    can be moody. My bird bit me a couple of times when I tried to
    teach him new words. He got frustrated for not being able to say
    the words, so he climbed up to my shoulder and I thought he was
    going to give me a kiss (as he normally does), but to my
    surprised, he bit me on my chin the first time and on my cheek
    the second time. He has never done this before, so he really
    caught me off guard.