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Post: DYH not Talking

Posted by Dolly on 4/29/12

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    I have a double yellow headed amazon that I rehomed about
    six months ago. She/He has settled in beautifully. I also
    have a rehomed Eclectus hen named Ruby. She has been with
    me for three years. I am amazed at the difference in their
    personalities. Ruby is a sweet little snuggler but is a bit
    of a couch potato. Goldie is a comic and is so funny. My
    question is "can we teach older parrots to talk?". Ruby
    called the dog (I don't have a dog) and had a sweet
    feminine laugh when I got her. Now she says nothing.
    Golding greets me with a happy hi every morning or if we
    have company. He also says something with what sounds like
    a Boston accent. he has a man's gruff voice. I talk to them
    all the time. Being alone I can give them a lot of
    attention. I don't know Goldie's sex or age. has anyone
    been successful in teaching an old bird new

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