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    Post: DYH Biting


    Posted on 7/03/13
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    I am very discouraged today and need advice from
    experienced parrot owners. I rehomed Goldie, a 45 yr old
    beautiful DYH Amazon nine months ago. He is a biter and I
    have tried so hard to win his confidence. The bites are not
    as severe as when I first got him but they still draw
    blood. I usually pick him up with a stick which he seems to
    prefer. I have had a sweet natured Eclectus for almost five
    years so I am not without some knowledge. My question is,
    will I ever be able to win this beautiful bird's trust or
    is he just too old to change. He is funny, talks a little
    and I love him but I am getting older, too and I worry for
    his future.

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