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Re: My Album, hopefully. Leave comments people!

Posted by Emma on 5/24/05
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    Thanks! I did post a picture of the aviary in winter when it
    was all snowy (a rare thing here) so you might have seen it on
    there. Yes, the birds are out year round although as you will
    have seen they have a large indoor shelter and various
    nestboxes where they can get out of draughts. Also I have only
    chosen species which are very hardy, plus the fact that it
    never gets too cold here means that they never get cold. Sadly
    I lost both the little quail chicks I had yesterday. They were
    only 48 hours old but I don't think they were eating the
    copious amounts of chick crumb I put out for them. The little
    brown one was just skin and bone. That's the problem when you
    try to let quail mothers rear their own. Although she has
    successfully reared 5 chicks to maturity before. Still it's
    very sad :(

    > Wow, Emma, your aviary and birds are beautiful. Funny, when
    > I saw it, I recall seeing it somewhere before. Might have
    > been on another site or in my web searching.
    > I take it your birds are out year round?
    > Michael L