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Re: Splendids

Posted by Kitty.J on 5/28/05
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    On 5/26/05, Emma wrote:
    > I have a collection of birds in the same aviary,
    > Barrabands, redrumps, Bourkes', Canaries, Cockatiels and
    > Quail. I have introduced new groups of birds before with
    > no problems and I am thinking of getting some splendids,
    > does anyone have anything I should be aware of about their
    > individual requirements in a group aviary? Or possible
    > incompatibilities? I am also doing research on the birds
    > myself but I thought it might be an idea to appeal to the
    > wealth of experience (you must all have over 100 years put
    > together) on the board. Many thanks in anticipation.

    There is a type of bird called splendids?