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Re: Splendids

Posted by MaineTim on 5/30/05
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    On 5/26/05, Emma wrote:
    > I have a collection of birds in the same aviary,
    > Barrabands, redrumps, Bourkes', Canaries, Cockatiels and
    > Quail. I have introduced new groups of birds before with
    > no problems and I am thinking of getting some splendids,
    > does anyone have anything I should be aware of about their
    > individual requirements in a group aviary? Or possible
    > incompatibilities? I am also doing research on the birds
    > myself but I thought it might be an idea to appeal to the
    > wealth of experience (you must all have over 100 years put
    > together) on the board. Many thanks in anticipation.

    As long as you don't mix any other neophema species with the
    splendids you will have no troubles, like turquosines,
    elegants, bluewings, etc...of course it also depends on the
    size of the aviary, I'm guessing quite large with the
    collection you have right now, some other aggressive species
    to be aware of in a community aviary are the rosellas, and
    some species of psephotus
    like bluebonnets, if any agrresion does show up I'm guessing
    it will be with the bourkes and splendids, but if your aviary
    is large enough I'm sure there will be no problems.