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Re: T-perches

Posted by Stacy on 5/28/05
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    To be more spicific, it stands like a "T". The top of the "T"
    is the actual perch and the vertical bar is the stand. If there
    are places to hang toys, attach food cups or anything besides
    just the "T", then you go from a perch to a playpen-ish thing.

    Sometimes you have to go to bird specailty stores (very rare to
    find), purchase them over the internet or make them yourself. I
    have had a hard time finding one, myself. The next step is to
    find my inner carpenter and actually make one...

    >On 5/28/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 5/28/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> Okay... this may sound some-what stupid of a question that
    >> i would ask, but what is a T-perch? Is it shaped like a T?
    >> lol, seriously, i have read in my books about it and al
    >> that, but then they never show pictures... -sigh-
    >> thanks for any information regards to the T-perchy...thngy
    > Yes, Kitty. It's just as you imagine. It is a perch in the
    > shape of a T.
    > Michael L