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Re: Why you shouldn't wing clip//Shouldnt be clipped

Posted by Lost parrots on 10/02/07
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    And if you do it wrong, you've lost a family member. The risk
    is too great. It is like throwing your kid out of a plane and
    telling the world that if he does the parachute correctly,
    success is 100%.

    On 9/29/07, Mj wrote:
    > I am practicing free flight for my parrots. My Umbie has
    > made a lot of progress and my Amazon is just in the
    > beginning stages of free flight and reclal training.
    > Recalling training is 100&37; if you do it right. Please
    > the yahoo group(s):
    > ParrotRecallTraining
    > or
    > Free FLight
    > I am a member of both and BOTH ARE excellent!!!
    > Mercedez