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Re: Why you shouldn't wing clip//Shouldnt be clipped

Posted by Mj on 10/03/07
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    On 10/02/07, Lost parrots wrote:
    > And if you do it wrong, you've lost a family member. The risk
    > is too great. It is like throwing your kid out of a plane and
    > telling the world that if he does the parachute correctly,
    > success is 100&37;.

    Humans are not naturally born to fly, nor are they born with a
    oparachute to their back. LOL.

    Free flying gives your birds hope and a life. If done correctly
    and with lots of training, and love and time you will have an
    excellent free flyer. Children grow up, as do animals, and they
    need to experience things. You wouldnt stop your kids from
    driving just because a vehicle needs gas and it has a
    possibility of exploding. Yes there is a risk, but we take risks
    EVERY SINGLE DAY OF OUR LIVES. I believe that birds should live
    a little too.

    I 100% agree with your circamstances do no tallow flying or
    atleast fully flighted, then you cannot do it. But I for one
    believe birds shoudnt be clipped. Free flight helps with
    excersize, more than toys and out of cage time provides, it
    opens up the lungs more, and allows blood flow much better. Its
    much healthier for abird to have free flight than to clip. I
    see better odds with a bird who KNOWS HOW TO FREE FLY and come
    back to you, then a bird who is carried of fby the wind and
    doesnt know a things about flight. Clipping wings doesnt 100%
    protect a bird from flying. It just limits their flying upwards,
    but they can still fly.