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Re: Why you shouldn't wing clip//Shouldnt be clipped

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 10/03/07
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    Vehicle running out of gas, possiblity of exploding????? You
    compare that to wing clipping ???? Dear God...
    Hope you don't run out of gas anytime soon.

    On 10/03/07, Mj wrote:
    > On 10/02/07, Lost parrots wrote:
    >> And if you do it wrong, you've lost a family member. The risk
    >> is too great. It is like throwing your kid out of a plane and
    >> telling the world that if he does the parachute correctly,
    >> success is 100&37;.
    > Humans are not naturally born to fly, nor are they born with a
    > oparachute to their back. LOL.
    > Free flying gives your birds hope and a life. If done correctly
    > and with lots of training, and love and time you will have an
    > excellent free flyer. Children grow up, as do animals, and they
    > need to experience things. You wouldnt stop your kids from
    > driving just because a vehicle needs gas and it has a
    > possibility of exploding. Yes there is a risk, but we take risks
    > EVERY SINGLE DAY OF OUR LIVES. I believe that birds should live
    > a little too.
    > I 100&37; agree with your circamstances do no tallow flying or
    > atleast fully flighted, then you cannot do it. But I for one
    > believe birds shoudnt be clipped. Free flight helps with
    > excersize, more than toys and out of cage time provides, it
    > opens up the lungs more, and allows blood flow much better. Its
    > much healthier for abird to have free flight than to clip. I
    > see better odds with a bird who KNOWS HOW TO FREE FLY and come
    > back to you, then a bird who is carried of fby the wind and
    > doesnt know a things about flight. Clipping wings doesnt 100&37;
    > protect a bird from flying. It just limits their flying upwards,
    > but they can still fly.