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Re: Why you shouldn't wing clip//Shouldnt be clipped

Posted by Mj on 10/08/07
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    On 10/03/07, To Kitty J, Mercedes and or MJ wrote:
    > On 10/03/07, Mj wrote:
    >> On 10/02/07, Lost parrots wrote:
    >>> And if you do it wrong, you've lost a family member. The risk
    >>> is too great. It is like throwing your kid out of a plane and
    >>> telling the world that if he does the parachute correctly,
    >>> success is 100&37;.
    >> Humans are not naturally born to fly, nor are they born with a
    >> oparachute to their back. LOL.
    >> Free flying gives your birds hope and a life. If done correctly
    >> and with lots of training, and love and time you will have an
    >> excellent free flyer. Children grow up, as do animals, and they
    >> need to experience things. You wouldnt stop your kids from
    >> driving just because a vehicle needs gas and it has a
    >> possibility of exploding. Yes there is a risk, but we take risks
    >> EVERY SINGLE DAY OF OUR LIVES. I believe that birds should live
    >> a little too.
    >> I 100&37; agree with your circamstances do no tallow flying or
    >> atleast fully flighted, then you cannot do it. But I for one
    >> believe birds shoudnt be clipped. Free flight helps with
    >> excersize, more than toys and out of cage time provides, it
    >> opens up the lungs more, and allows blood flow much better. Its
    >> much healthier for abird to have free flight than to clip. I
    >> see better odds with a bird who KNOWS HOW TO FREE FLY and come
    >> back to you, then a bird who is carried of fby the wind and
    >> doesnt know a things about flight. Clipping wings doesnt 100&37;
    >> protect a bird from flying. It just limits their flying upwards,
    >> but they can still fly.
    > Kitty,
    > It seems your opinion has changed. Either way, you do what you
    > want. However, to clip wings, for most, only saves their little
    > lives. For one, I cannot see a free flying CAG in my condo, nor a
    > macaw etc. They would benefit more from walking and climbing. Do
    > you feel your nails when they are clipped? Do you feel your hair
    > when it is cut? I would venture to say No! Same with wings.
    > They DO NOT feel their wings as they are cut. There aren't any
    > nerves in them. However, you do have to be careful not to cut too
    > far down. As with their nails, they do have a vein in them which
    > bleed of cut too far down. I'm sick of hearing all the PETA
    > backers who say "its mutilation" or "its cruel" etc. NO ITS NOT
    > PEOPLE. Then you ought to call the child protective services when
    > I trim my daughters hair and nails. Unless you have a place to
    > allow for birds to fly freely then great for you. However, some
    > of us don't have that luxury and must clip for their own good.

    It is a means of transportation, no it doesnt hurt them when they
    are clipped, but you mutilate them by doing so. Flight is #1 option
    of transportation in birds #2 is walking and climbing. Yes they can
    live without flight but they ar emuch happier and they ar emuch
    helathier with flight. The bigge rbirds, in captivity, dont fly as
    much as say canaries or budgies. They do prefer to climb and walk
    over flying because lets face it condos, or even 4 bedroom houses
    are much too small, but givenm the option to fly, is much better
    than not. And I thank you for recognizing that I have been posting
    with three names. MJ for shorten version KITTYJ for my nickname here
    or old time username, or my real name, mercedez. :) I still stand by
    it IS cruel to clip. AN dnot all people are for PETA when they say
    its cruel. Does you daughrter use her hair to walk? Does your
    daughter grow hair and nails with blood veins and bone calcium? I
    dont think so. So you analogy really sucks if you put it that way.
    LOL!! People need their moustaches trimmed and hair and nails
    trimemd to live, birds do not. Your saying with your analogy that we
    think trimming horses nails is the same as trimming a birds. Its
    not. Your analogy really doesnt make sense. And I say if your home
    can accomodate a flying bird who will not fly a lot like a finch or
    budgie, and you really have time for your bird, the why not? Give
    your bird a life to fly. They deserve it as thats the way they are
    meant. Captivity deprives birds enough, I wouldnt take flight form
    Bokak my U2 or Pua my RLA if I thought it was inconvenient. These
    birds were brought over here or bred here for HUMANS. I say LET THEM
    BE AS INTENDED. I dont 100% disagree with wing clipping as I do it
    to my moms 2 quakers and to our rosella for their sake and our other
    birds. But since larger parrots ar enot flighty like a finch or
    budgie, I keep my RLA and U2 flighted :)

    I think everyone who gets a bird should read about free flight and
    the bonuses of FL before considering clipping for whatever reason
    they give :)

    I was so young back then when I first started out. I took to the
    experts who said CLIP because there was MANY people who said CLIP.
    And I never looked to the other side of the arguement. I have
    learned a lot when taking in BOTH sides of the arguement over just
    one that everyone seems to agree on :)

    Mj aka Mercedez aka KittyJ :D