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Re: Why you shouldn't wing clip//Shouldnt be clipped

Posted by Mj on 10/08/07
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    On 10/03/07, Dead bird recipe wrote:
    > Promoting risk taking is irresponsible, there is plent of risk
    > without adding more. And it is the bird that will probably die if
    > it flies off, not you.
    > So, I'll make my own choices, thank you. Responsible ones.
    > I see you have canned argumets lined up from the brainwashing on
    > your board; but instead of responding I think I will let common
    > sense be my guide.

    Then I am glad you are not my mother. If my mom didnt let me take a
    risk in living my own life and driving a possible exploding vehicle
    then i'D BE UNHAPPY and actually experiencing all that I can then
    WHEW I'd be one unhappy camper. I am sure my mom is very
    unresponsible fo rletting me drive even though I could get into a
    car crash or explode, or get raped when I am off to work.

    Its not called brainwahsing ITS CALLED EDUCATION!!! Teaching people
    how free flyers live. Sheesh, I guess goign Vegan because I witness
    animal abuse and watch animal vidoes on the torture is called brain
    washing? LOL!!! I make my decisions and we are LAL HUMANS HERE so I
    believe we are LAL CAPABLE OF MAKING DECISIONS if your not then I
    dont think you are in the right mind to handle having a parrot in
    your life. LOL