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Re: Why you shouldn't wing clip//Shouldnt be clipped

Posted by To KITTY J. on 10/09/07
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    On 10/08/07, Mj wrote:
    > On 10/03/07, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    >> Vehicle running out of gas, possiblity of exploding????? You
    >> compare that to wing clipping ???? Dear God...
    >> Hope you don't run out of gas anytime soon.
    > My point is "taking chances" and all this "unnessecary risk" talk.
    > We all take risks is my point. And calling us free flyers
    > irresponsible is just nonesence talk and pretty dumb since I believe
    > most people havent even done research or even taken the time to get
    > to know free flyers and the responsible work they have done to
    > INSURE that Free flight is safe. Even WING CLIPPING is unsafe for
    > your bird when outdoors, atleast with flight they can get away from
    > predators, when clipped and they get away they are sitting ducks so
    > to speak.
    > Mj
    > I believe ALL TO THEIR OWN. I clip my moms 3 birds because I feel I
    > need to and if you knew why You'd think its a good idea too, but not
    > with my bigger birds :) As I am doing recall training
    > yahoo groups
    > recalltrainingparrot
    > freeflight

    Kitty did you start taking street drugs from the kids on your block?
    You may wanna check into that, maybe they slipped you something. You
    should go help I think I hear them calling your name.
    Seems you are the regular "Dr.Laura" over there with over 2000