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Re: Why you shouldn't wing clip//Shouldnt be clipped

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 10/09/07
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    On 10/08/07, bob wrote:
    > To say clipping is cruel mutilation, and then to say you do it to your
    mom's bird for a
    > "reason"... oh okay there hypocrite. So your mom's reason is okay,
    but the reason of others
    > are not. If clipping is as cruel and barbaric as you believe it to
    be, your mom's birds would
    > be better off somewhere else, don't you think. Your hypocrisy always
    makes me laugh.
    > I am all for flight, and I don't clip my birds. But I do not think
    that it is fair to judge people
    > that we don't know. Accidents happen to clipped birds, accidents
    happen to flighted birds.
    > The important thing is to research a decision before making it. To
    not let yourself into being

    Well said Bob !
    Kitty, MJ Or whatever you are calling yourself--- SPELL CHECK ! Your
    post confuse the hell out of me.