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Re: Why you shouldn't wing clip//Shouldnt be clipped

Posted by Aunt Bea on 10/13/07
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    On 10/13/07, Kitty wrote:
    > On 10/11/07, Not mother to THIS brat wrote:
    >> On 10/08/07, Mj wrote:
    >>> Then I am glad you are not my mother.
    >>> Mj
    >> Oh honey, I am SO glad I'm not your mother. I raised my children to
    >> have respct for both other human beings, and for animals. You,
    >> however, little Miss 18, obviously have an agenda which shows that
    >> lives of pets are meaningless to you, you simply want to win an
    >> argument.
    >> There are young people who are bright and thoughtful. You are not one
    >> of them.
    > Whatever. I respect and love my birds and animals very very much. I have
    > risked my own life, I risked a beating from three 8th graders to safe a
    > family of starlings. I ran infront of a Semi truck on Broadway, a very
    > major big street, just to safe a wounded seagulls life. I vounteer for
    > both a Parrot Sanctuary and a Wildlife Center, just to help animals out.
    > Throughout middle school, I was picked on because I didnt really belong
    > to any certain group and only have 7 true best friends. I love animals
    > more than I care about people. I became Vegan, because I love not just
    > birds, but ALL animals equally. Nothing you people would understand. And
    > I laugh that you are so ingnorant. There is a saying that we are all
    > grown up to know, respect your elders, for they are wise. I see no
    > wisdom in most of you, and I see you only want to be proved right, like
    > most "adults" nowadays. That is why I go to another bird forum, because
    > they atleast have respect for themselves and other people's opinions and
    > beliefs. We do not live in a Communist world here in USA, and I believe
    > a freedom of speech and a freedom of press and a freedom of what I want
    > to say and do. And a freedom to believe what you like. I like free
    > flight, I like rehabbing birds, thats my freedom of right an dI do this
    > because I see fit to do so. I csare for my birds a lot, nothng in the in
    > the enet worl dcan prove this to you ignornant people who only have one
    > sided judgment. And I believe we should all respect how another feels.
    > We shouldnt all be one sided judgmental. We all believe something fit.
    > Like how one raises a child, how one teaches, and how one raises and
    > goes about with her "pets". My "pets" are mor ethan just animals to be
    > in my life. They are my friends, and I go abou twith them as I see fit,
    > just liek any other pet owner sees fit. They treat their animals how
    > they want to, because thats how they see fit. Everyone to his or her own
    > opinion. If it was actual animal abuse thats another thing, but we can
    > all be with our animal companions how we want to be, why is it that you
    > can judge how I treat my birds and animals (just because I dont clip my
    > larger parrots because I like free flight?) when we all have different
    > views and opinions. Why can you judge me because I free flight, does
    > that make me a bad owner? What if I said your a bad person with no
    > respect for others for the way you talk and treat them and no respect
    > and love for your animals for the way you treat them? There are adults
    > who diserve respect and have wisdome, you hun, are not one of them

    True KJ, we all have freedom of speech etc. in America. I have been
    watching this tread all along and I am compelled to say something for all
    the bird owners to realize. I have been breeding birds for many years and
    the fact is there are many times when people have contacted me to purchase
    a bird simply because there bird has flown away or been injured or killed.
    MANY birds have escaped because someone has opened a door to enter or
    leave their house. They can escape so quickly you hardly even realize it.
    Also we all know the dangers of mirrors and windows and such. The debate
    on this subject is simply founded on the safety of ones beloved bird. I
    certainly hope you reconsider your stance on wing clipping for your own
    birds safety. I'm not trying to start an argument here, this is just my
    opinion, learned from years of experince.
    Sincerly, Bea