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Re: Why you shouldn't wing clip//Shouldnt be clipped

Posted by Kitty on 10/13/07
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    Bea your post truly touched me. I fully understand the risk we ALL take on a
    daily basis with our beloved bird companions; with toys, bands on our birds,
    quaratining a new bird, preventing illness. And all doing everything with
    our own BEST JUDGMENT. I understand. But believe me, none of my birds will
    fly out the door right when I open it after comming home. I am a very safe
    bird momma to my babies. I believe ALL bird owners/slaves/momma should take
    proper care in thier birds, and see fit to their birds that others believe
    you could do better. But like raising a child, or how we raise our fids, we
    all do it differently. This arguement can be the same thign said about abnds
    on your bird, quaratining, seed/pellet arg., and so much more. I am not here
    to argue, because I value both clipping and free flight. I LOVE free flight.
    And believe along with clicker/target training, its best for them :) And I
    am not trying to degrade anyone who does clip, all to their own opinion I
    say. See and do whats fit for your bird is what I say :)