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Re: Why you shouldn't wing clip//Shouldnt be clipped

Posted by Kitty Please Answer This on 10/13/07
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    On 10/13/07, Kitty wrote:
    > Bea your post truly touched me. I fully understand the risk we ALL take on a
    > daily basis with our beloved bird companions; with toys, bands on our birds,
    > quaratining a new bird, preventing illness. And all doing everything with
    > our own BEST JUDGMENT. I understand. But believe me, none of my birds will
    > fly out the door right when I open it after comming home. I am a very safe
    > bird momma to my babies. I believe ALL bird owners/slaves/momma should take
    > proper care in thier birds, and see fit to their birds that others believe
    > you could do better. But like raising a child, or how we raise our fids, we
    > all do it differently. This arguement can be the same thign said about abnds
    > on your bird, quaratining, seed/pellet arg., and so much more. I am not here
    > to argue, because I value both clipping and free flight. I LOVE free flight.
    > And believe along with clicker/target training, its best for them :) And I
    > am not trying to degrade anyone who does clip, all to their own opinion I
    > say. See and do whats fit for your bird is what I say :)

    You are smitten with the "other board" and feel that this one is no longer to
    your liking. WHY do you continue to come here and post.
    I can assure you that you would not be missed AT ALL should you decide to stay
    You really don't bring anything to the table and basically you inflict your
    opinions as being the best. They might be for you, but not for everyone.
    PLEASE, don't do us any favors.