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Re: Why you shouldn't wing clip//Shouldnt be clipped

Posted by electra on 12/13/07
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    WOW HAS THIS DEAD HORSE BEEN BEATIN ENOUGH YET???????????????????????????????????????

    On 12/10/07, Rick wrote:
    > On 12/10/07, Diana wrote:
    >> "If you need to mutilate or change an animal to keep it, choose another kind of pet"
    >> Goes the saying. Why do you need to change somethign to your liking? Thats why there
    >> are so many dogs out there and hybrids and such. Take the animals as its worth, as
    >> it is, dont change who it is or what it is just so it can "suit you".
    >> But if you need to clip, you need to clip, if you dont, then dont. Everyone is
    >> different and entitled to their own opinion. Why must all of you "old timers" or
    >> people who come here must fight with one another? You all make newbies run away!
    >> ~D
    > This topic is like a out of control roller coaster, with its ups and downs and twists
    > and turns, with no real advice that was initially asked for.
    > As everyone has their own personal opinions, wing options, and reasons for keeping
    > their birds safe, I feel we should all respect the first and utmost concern that these
    > birds are taken care of and that reasonable precautions are taken to keep the birds
    > out of harms way. We will never truly agree on how we all care for our birds, and many
    > a discussion can arise on rights and wrongs. That's what's so great about the forums.
    > Advice........not bickering and being judgemental. This serves no purpose in caring
    > for our birds.
    > Thanks, Rick