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Re: Why you shouldn't wing clip yet more info

Posted by Kelsi on 4/03/07
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    I think Alisons response in this quote says it best, especially in the
    last line. I will post the comment and then her reply. Alison wrote
    what is under the line:

    > Well I have yet to have heard of/seen a parrot which has died because
    of a wall
    > (!?) > Do you clip the wings for safety? Or for something more than
    that. For
    > Someone who has experience of
    > owning both a flighted parrot and an unflighted one found that the
    flighted one
    > was infinitely happier.
    I have seen and heard of several and thats is sufficient cause for me
    to clip the
    wings for the safety of the bird, not to mention all the
    other 'unclipped bird'
    injuries. And just for the record, I have had both flighted and
    unflighted birds
    over the last 28 years, and I have never seen a noticable difference in
    the birds
    level of happiness. The only difference has been in the level of
    safety. -Alison-