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Re: Why you shouldn't wing clip yet more info

Posted by Kelsi on 4/03/07
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    This person is simply ridiculous. 'a bird comfortably flying indoors',
    really?? Yah, right! A spectacle indeed would it be if my Greenwing
    Macaw attempted to maneuver inside a house! Duh! It ain't happenin.
    Stick to your parakeet because you don't have the intelligence or
    common sense to safely keep a large bird. And one more thing here Mr.
    ignorance, declawing a cat and croping a dogs tail is permanent and
    PAINFUL! Clipping a birds wings is temporary and painless. I'd rather
    my bird be clipped and safe, than have him flighted and DEAD!

    On 4/02/07, Sunny Flew Away wrote:

    >>>> If one could only see the spectacle of a bird comfortably
    >>>> flying indoors, they would not clip their bird's wings.
    >>>> I don't believe in removing the toes from cat feet or chopping
    >>>> off puppy tails, So, Why Clip Bird Wings? Let's face it:
    >>> They
    >>>> are B-I-R-D-S; belonging outdoors in a flock, flying. We
    >>>> already keep them indoors, many times in solitary
    >>> confinement.
    >>>> At a minimum, let's afford them their physical integrity.
    >>>> Cheers!
    >>>> Left Coast Dave