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Re: Why you shouldn't wing clip yet more info

Posted by Sam on 4/21/07
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    I couldnt help but to agree with Kelsi, I lost my green quaker due to
    unclip wings, I was going to take him to vet to get his wings and nail
    clip on weekend and that's why we were keeping him inside the house for
    the time being. One lil crack open window this friday afternoon and he
    flew away, we have been looking for him since then. Post flyers and
    everything, so far unable to find. :(. Only if I had learn to clip his
    wings myself.
    Anyways, if anyone see any green quaker in southwest Houston, TX area
    please post a msg or send an email to He goes by
    Meetu or Tota, very friendly 1.5 yrs old and there is reward as well.

    On 4/03/07, Kelsi wrote:
    > This person is simply ridiculous. 'a bird comfortably flying indoors',
    > really?? Yah, right! A spectacle indeed would it be if my Greenwing
    > Macaw attempted to maneuver inside a house! Duh! It ain't happenin.
    > Stick to your parakeet because you don't have the intelligence or
    > common sense to safely keep a large bird. And one more thing here Mr.
    > ignorance, declawing a cat and croping a dogs tail is permanent and
    > PAINFUL! Clipping a birds wings is temporary and painless. I'd rather
    > my bird be clipped and safe, than have him flighted and DEAD!
    > On 4/02/07, Sunny Flew Away wrote:
    >>>>> If one could only see the spectacle of a bird comfortably
    >>>>> flying indoors, they would not clip their bird's wings.
    >>>>> I don't believe in removing the toes from cat feet or chopping
    >>>>> off puppy tails, So, Why Clip Bird Wings? Let's face it:
    >>>> They
    >>>>> are B-I-R-D-S; belonging outdoors in a flock, flying. We
    >>>>> already keep them indoors, many times in solitary
    >>>> confinement.
    >>>>> At a minimum, let's afford them their physical integrity.
    >>>>> Cheers!
    >>>>> Left Coast Dave