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Re: Why you shouldn't wing clip yet more info

Posted by Emma on 6/01/05
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    Gawd yes, there's more:
    Another yank, like yourselves, so I'm not being racist.

    If you would like a bird which doesn't fly, buy a penguin!

    another person:

    Can't say I agree with wing clipping in parrots unless it is
    absolutely necessary e.g you are introducing a hen bird to a
    cock bird of a species where mate harrassment/killing is a well
    known problem e.g cockatoo's and some of the amazons. Even then
    I wouldn't like to think this was permanent. We have birds that
    have had severe wing clips of a permanent nature from previous
    homes and they look as though they have been butchered. One
    senegal hen only has a small portion of wing left and will never
    fly again. It's an awful thing to see.

    Right now it really is good night - I have exams next week and I
    spent ages compiling this info!

    Night everyone, and happy reading

    For possibly the last time: