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Re: Here are 174 reasons you SHOULD CLIP WINGS

Posted by KarenH on 6/01/05
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    Beloware 174 reasons why you SHOULD clip wings. (I can cut and
    paste too.) This list is from this very site and only from THIS
    calendar year. How many other sites with lists such as this are
    out there? Too many to count, I'm sure. Oh and BTW not all of
    these lost birds belong to "yanks" as you so eloquently put it.

    Emma, if you don't want to clip the wings of your birds, it's your
    right. It's my right to clip the wings of my birds if I want to.
    Oh and BTW I don't know of any breeder (including me) who clips
    the wings of their breeder birds. Just a little info for you.

    Latest Lost Parrots:
    Cockatiel, 6/01/05, by Monterey, California.
    Cocketiel, 6/01/05, by Ft. Thomas, KY.
    Cockatiel, 5/31/05, by Kenmore, Qld, Australia.
    Congo African Grey, 5/30/05, by Roslyn, Long Island, NY.
    female eclectus parrot 5/30/05, by davis islands tampa florida.
    yellow sided green cheek conure, 5/28/05, by lemon grove ca.
    parakeet, 5/28/05, by batavia ohio.
    CAG - Congo African Grey 10+ years old, 5/28/05, by Fairmont, MN..
    LARGE GREEN BIRD W/ NECK RING, 5/27/05, by Toledo ohio .
    American Parakeet / Budgie, 5/26/05, by Santa Fe, Nm.
    Congo African Gray , 5/25/05, by Washington, DC on 5/9/05.
    Lovebird, 5/25/05, by Modesto, CA.
    african grey, 5/24/05, by texarkana texas.
    Amazon Parrot, 5/24/05, by San Marcos/Vista California.
    Cockatiel, white with black markings, 5/24/05, by Bronx, NYC
    Cockateil, 5/24/05, by Newberry South Carolina.
    Blue & Yellow Parakeet "Muffy", 5/23/05, by Bel Air, CA.
    Red and blue parrot, 5/23/05, by Missouri.
    Cockatiel, 5/22/05, by Colorado Springs, CO.
    African Grey Congo, 5/21/05, by April 1st,05, Brunswick, Maryland.
    Cockatiel, 5/21/05, by Northeastern New Jersey @ NY border.
    Male Parakeet, 5/20/05, lost: Concord, Ohio.
    African Gray, 5/20/05, lost: North Park San Diego.
    Senegal Parrot, 5/19/05, lost: Sarasota, FL.
    conure, 5/19/05, lost: austin, texas.
    blue headed pionus parrot, 5/17/05, lost: Manhattan, New York.
    Australian Cinnamon Lovebird Baby, 5/16/05, lost: Ohio.
    Male Parakeet White, 5/15/05, lost: West Dearborn, Michigan.
    African Grey/Red tailed, 5/15/05, lost: KENTON-HARROW, ENGLAND.
    African Grey, 5/14/05, lost: Murray Hill Jacksonville Fla.
    African Gray Parrot, 5/13/05, lost: Washington, DC.
    Parrot, 5/13/05, lost: Southeastern IL.
    blue parakeet, 5/12/05, lost: downtown silver spring maryland.
    Cockatiel, 5/12/05, lost: Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
    Dusky Headed Conure, 5/12/05, lost: Baldwin, NY (Long Island).
    Cockatiel mostly yellow w/light grey wings 5/11/05, Arkansas
    Cockatiel (lutino), 5/11/05, lost: Philadephia, PA.
    Cockatiel, 5/11/05, lost: Wellesley, MA, 20 min West of Boston.
    African Grey Parrot, 5/10/05, lost: Boca Raton, FL - Yamato & 441.
    Female SI Eclectus Parrot, 5/10/05, lost: San Antonio Texas.
    Cinammon Cockatiel, 5/09/05, lost: North Charleston, SC.
    Rose breasted Cockatoo, 5/09/05, lost: Ft Lauderdale Florida.
    Female Green Indian Ringneck on 4-20, 5/08/05, lost: Ventura,CA.
    Cockatiel, 5/07/05lost: Northlakes Subdivision NW Tampa FL 33618.
    Grey Cockatiel, 5/07/05, lost: Sicklerville, NJ.
    sun conure, 5/06/05, lost: branchville sc.
    Red-bellied parrot, 5/05/05, lost: Payson, AZ.
    Cockatiel, 5/03/05, lost: Middletown, nj.
    cockatiel, 5/02/05, lost: Simi Valley, CA.
    African Grey, 5/02/05, lost: Castaic CA Hasley Canyon.
    African Grey, 4/30/05, lost: Killingworth, CT.
    COCKATIEL, 4/30/05, lost: Chilliwack, B.C. Canada.
    Mini Macaw, Severe, 4/30/05, lost: Brentwood Blvd.Brentwood CA
    Green Winged Macaw, 4/29/05, lost: Rose Hill/ Kirkland, WA.
    African Grey, 4/29/05, lost: Green Ohio Nimisila Lake area.
    Congo African Grey, 4/29/05, lost: Roslyn, Long Island, NY.
    African Grey Parrot, 4/29/05, lost: Babylon, New York.
    cockatiel, 4/28/05, lost: Medford, New Jersey.
    Cockatiel, 4/28/05, lost: Massachusetts Military Reservation.
    Blue and Gold Macaw, 4/27/05, lost: Green Cove Springs at Hwy 315
    Afican Grey, 4/27/05, lost: Weeley Heath Clacton On Sea Essex.
    Cockateil, 4/27/05, lost: Orlando, FL.
    Male Gray Cockatiel, 4/27/05, lost: West Jordan, UT.
    blue RingNeck Parakeet, 4/26/05, lost: Beverly MA.
    Cockatiel, 4/26/05, lost: Glen Head, NY.
    Congo African Gray, 4/25/05, lost: Costa Mesa, CA
    Indian Ringneck parakeet, 4/25/05, lost: Ypsilanti Michigan.
    African Grey, 4/25/05, lost: Castaic California
    SUN CONURE, 4/22/05, lost: NORTH AUGUSTA, SC.
    green bird with blueish head, 4/22/05, lost: Aurora,Colo..
    blue crown conure, 4/22/05, lost: Aurora,Colorado.
    Female Green Indian Ringneck on 4-20-05, lost:Ventura, CA.
    Cockatiel, 4/21/05, lost: Palatine, IL.
    African Grey, 4/21/05, lost: Grenada, MS.
    Grey cockatiel, 4/20/05, lost: Del Mar, CA 92130.
    Meyers Parrot, 4/20/05, lost: Burbank, CA.
    African Gray, 4/20/05, lost: Havre de Grace, Maryland.
    Cockatiel, 4/19/05, lost: Pewaukee, WI.
    Green Amazon, 4/18/05, lost: Suisun City Ca..
    GRN Amazon Parrot, 4/16/05, lost: Fairfeld,CA
    Parakeet, 4/14/05, lost: vicinity of Galloway @ Hwy 80.
    scarlet-chested grass 'keet male, 4/11/05, lost: Tucson, AZ.
    Parakeet-blue, 4/11/05, lost: Sacramento, Ca.
    African Gray, 4/11/05, lost: Nashville, TN--Bellevue.
    African Grey, 4/09/05, lost: Houston Texas.
    Cockatiel, 4/09/05, lost: Bricktown, New Jersey.
    African Grey, 4/08/05, lost: WEST HARTFORD, CT.
    Cockatial, 4/08/05, lost: Rosedale (Baltimore, MD).
    Lost Cockatiel 4/08/05, lost: Mundelein, Illinois.
    Alexandrian (Indian Ring Neck Family), 4/07/05, lost: Tacoma, WA,
    yellow crested Amazon, 4/07/05, lost: Herefordshire U.K.
    Cockatiel, 4/05/05, lost: Kingwood / Humble Texas.
    African Grey, 4/05/05, lost: Rushden Northants, England.
    Indian Ringneck, 4/04/05, lost: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.
    Senegal, 4/04/05, lost: Uptown Whittier.
    Blue crown conure, 4/04/05, lost: Oakton, Virginia.
    African Grey, 4/04/05, lost: Philadelphia, PA $200 REWARD.
    African Grey, 4/02/05, lost: Pasadena, California.
    cockateil, 4/02/05, lost: evanston,illinois.
    Zebras,society, budgies, 4/01/05, lost: Everett Wa///Kitty.J.
    Lutino Cockatile, 3/31/05, lost: Stafford, Virginia.
    cocktiel, 3/31/05, lost: foothill ranch, ca.
    Normal Grey Cockatiel, 3/31/05, lost: Tallahasee Florida.
    congo african grey, 3/30/05, lost: worthington, pa.
    LOST Timneh AFRICAN GREY 3/29/05, lost: Charleston, SC.
    african grey, 3/27/05, lost: waterloo, iowa.
    CONGO AFRICAN GRAY-ATLANTA GA 30329, 3/26/05, lost: AMY B..
    CONGO AFRICAN GRAY-$200 REWARD!!, 3/26/05, lost: ATLANTA, GA
    blue crown conure, 3/25/05, lost: La Jolla Ca. san diego.
    Jenday Conure, 3/25/05, lost: Kennesaw, GA.
    Cockatiel, 3/22/05, lost: Kenmore/North Seattle area.
    Congo African Grey, 3/22/05, lost: Perkasie, PA - Bucks County.
    African Grey, 3/21/05, lost: Malibu California.
    Lillac Crown Amazon Parrot, 3/18/05, lost: Haltom City, Texas.
    Goffin's cockatoo, 3/14/05, lost: El Cerrito, CA.
    Goffin's cockatoo, 3/14/05, lost: El Cerrito, CA.
    Congo African Gray, 3/14/05, lost: New Orleans, LA.
    cockateil, 3/13/05, lost: RT 30 Irwin Pa.
    Grey Cockatiel & Yellow&Grey Cockatiel, 3/12/05, lost: Eureka, CA.
    Cockatiel, 3/08/05, lost: Everett, WA 98208.
    Cockateil, 3/06/05, lost: Woodstock, GA, by Fulton County line.
    Cockatiel, 3/04/05, lost: Aurora, Colorado.
    African Grey, 3/02/05, lost: Cocoa FL.
    Sun Conure, 3/01/05, lost: Torrance, 90501.
    African Grey (Timneh), 3/01/05, lost: Los Gatos Monte Sereno, CA.
    Cockatiel, 2/27/05, lost: Federal Way, WA.
    White-eye conure, 2/26/05, lost: Lynnwood, WA.
    BLUE AND GOLD MACAW, 2/25/05, lost: IN JACINTO CITY TX 77029.
    cockatiel, 2/23/05, lost: Springfield, VA.
    Quaker Parrot, 2/23/05, lost: Burleson, TX.
    White Capped Pionus, 2/22/05, lost: Pebble Creek area Taylors, SC.
    african grey , 2/21/05, lost: wales - swansea area.
    Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoos, 2/18/05, lost: Bakersfield, CA
    scarlet macaw, 2/17/05, lost: dallas area near baylor.
    Congo African Grey, 2/16/05, lost: 27th & Vine, Lincoln, NE.
    Gray cockatiel, 2/14/05, lost: Lomita, CA.
    Cockatiel, 2/09/05, lost: Ashland, VA.
    Lutino Yellow Cockatiel, 2/08/05, lost: Morrisdale Pa.
    Hyacinth Macaws, 2/06/05, lost: Willowbrook,Il.
    Cockatiel, 2/05/05, lost: Visalia, California.
    Blue Throat Macaw / Caninde, 1/31/05, lost: San Fernando, CA
    cockatiel, 1/29/05, lost: nashville,tennessee.
    Cockatiel, 1/28/05, lost: North Hollywood, California 91605.
    Blue and Gold Macaw, 1/28/05, lost: Lakeland Florida.
    Cockatiel (gray -yellow and white), 1/27/05, lost: CA, IRVINE.
    Blue and Gold Macaw & Sun Conure, 1/26/05, lost: Garden City,MI.
    Congo African Grey, 1/24/05, lost: Butternut, WI.
    AFRICAN GRAY - CONGO TYPE, 1/22/05, lost: Chino, California.
    yellow cockatiel, 1/19/05, lost: 136 Belvue Dr. Los Gatos, CA
    gray cockatiel, 1/17/05, lost: Clear Lake Tx.
    Congo African Grey, 1/14/05, lost: Jacksonville, AR.
    Cockatiel, 1/14/05, lost: Gainesville, Florida.
    African Grey, 1/13/05, lost: Miami.
    yellow cockateil, 1/13/05, lost: Plymouth , Pa. .
    maxamillion pionus, 1/11/05, lost: houston katy texas.
    Cockatiel, 1/07/05, lost: Jefferson County, West Virginia.
    Spot-billed Toucanette(baby male)banded MAR6,1/06/05,lost: CA
    Cockatiel, 1/06/05, lost: Miami / Pinecrest.
    Cockateil, 1/05/05, lost: Sacramento, California.
    yellow cockatiel 1/05/05, lost: 136 Belvue Dr. Los Gatos, CA..
    African Grey, 1/04/05, lost: Van Nuys/Los Angeles California.
    African Grey, 1/03/05, lost: Cantonment Florida.
    Cockatiel, 1/03/05, lost: Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA.
    blue indian ringneck, 1/03/05, lost: Southern Maryland.
    Cockatiel, 1/02/05, lost: Houston/Katy, Texas 12/05/04.
    Cockatiel, 1/01/05, lost: Yakima, Washington Terrace Heights
    Moustache Parakeet, 1/01/05, lost: Ocean Ridge, Florida.