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Re: We can't protect them 24/7 (Long)

Posted by Amanda & LeBron on 6/01/05
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    We can't protect our pets from everything, even their own toys. We
    just try to make their environment as safe as possible.

    About 20 minutes ago, I had the scare of my life. I was checking my e-
    mail, and I heard 'Bron chirping happily. For some reason, his
    chirping changed and I had never heard him like that before. I glanced
    over my shoulder and say him playing with his sisal rope toy. For some
    reason, I got up to take a closer look. He had entagled himself in the
    rope and was literally hanging himself. He kept trying to pull away
    from the toy and was choking himself everytime he pulled. I was able
    to CALMLY (which I'm still surprised at) try to pull the rope from away
    from his neck. It was so entangled that I couldn't undo it. I was
    afraid that he would die if I ran to go get scissors, so I held him up
    for about 30 seconds, just so he could catch his breath, then ran like
    he** to get the scissors. After he tried to bite my fingers off (he's
    never bit me so hard,) I was able to cut the rope off of his neck.

    I'm thanking God that I got out of work about 30 minutes early tonight,
    because if I hadn't been home, it would've been a different story.

    If we can't keep our pets safe in their cages *all* of the time, then
    how are they going to be safe flying around our house???


    Attached is the picture of my little fighting attack bird. I'm
    speechless as to how happy I am that he is still with me.