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Re: Wing Clipping

Posted by Emma on 6/02/05
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    The list of lost birds you sent me is very sad and I am sorry for all
    the owners who have lost their birds. However I still feel that wing
    clipping isn't the best thing to do. Had these owners been more careful
    the birds wouldn't have escaped. None of mine ever have, and I've had
    them since I was 11.

    All the list of accidents was also very sad, but none of my birds have
    ever flown into a window, I credit them with more intelligence than
    that. Lucky knows exactly where the windows are. Also something people
    post on here a lot is about birds flying into kitchens, teflon pans etc.
    If you do not let the bird into the kitchen then these situations
    wouldn't arise. I am not suggesting you give a bird free run of a house,
    as that would be irresponsible with all the dangers. It is, however,
    possible to birdproof one room and only let the birds out in this room.
    That is what I do, and this room in my case is a 30ft conservatory.
    Wouldn't you think that a bird who can come to you of his own accord
    feels more respect for you than one which is clipped and thus totally
    vulnerable and dependent. If Lucky doesn't like how we're stroking him,
    or he feels like some food, or whatever, he can quite easily fly back
    onto his cage or around onto the ceiling. Ceiling fans are also
    mentioned. There is a ceiling fan in our conservatory, and Lucky often
    goes and sits on it. To get him off it when it's time for him to go
    away, we just have to call him and he responds. The feeling of honour
    you get from having a bird come to you even when you're going to put
    them away is one of great honour I think. He's beautiful when he flies
    and it's something I could never take away from him.

    It is still my firm belief that if you are prepared to birdproof ONE
    room and spend time with your bird, it is possible to keep a bird safely
    unclipped. And no I don't think it is a bad idea to neuter dogs and spay
    cats because it is in their best interests. All I have in mind here is
    the welfare of the birds, I'm not under some strange delusion. In my
    opinion it is quite cruel to deny a bird the right to fly, especially
    when it could fly safely and happily. Do you think in Europe everyone
    clips their bird's wings? No. And are there hundreds of thousands of
    cases of birds flying into windows or being killed some other way as a
    direct result of having flight? No. If you chose next moult not to clip
    your bird(s) I swear you would never go back to clipping. A bird without
    flight is like a fish without water.

    Thanks very much Julie for the links and board, I will definitely get in
    touch :)

    Thank you everyone for such lively responses!