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Re: Wing Clipping

Posted by Alison on 6/02/05
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    On 6/02/05, Emma wrote:
    > KarenH,
    > The list of lost birds you sent me is very sad and I am sorry for all
    > the owners who have lost their birds. However I still feel that wing
    > clipping isn't the best thing to do. Had these owners been more careful
    > the birds wouldn't have escaped. None of mine ever have, and I've had
    > them since I was 11.
    > All the list of accidents was also very sad, but none of my birds have
    > ever flown into a window, I credit them with more intelligence than
    > that. Lucky knows exactly where the windows are. Also something people
    > post on here a lot is about birds flying into kitchens, teflon pans etc.
    > If you do not let the bird into the kitchen then these situations
    > wouldn't arise. I am not suggesting you give a bird free run of a house,
    > as that would be irresponsible with all the dangers. It is, however,
    > possible to birdproof one room and only let the birds out in this room.
    Owners being irresponsible are not the only way birds gain access to the
    outdoors. You have been lucky, I hope your luck holds out. And when a
    bird is startled, they don't always have good aim/judgement. Haven't you
    ever seen a wild bird fly into a car when something is chasing it? As far
    as bird proofing ONE room, I'm sorry, but me and most of the people I know
    consider our birds part of our family and would never consider bannishing
    them to one room, seperated from us. To us, THAT is cruel. -Alison-