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Re: Wing Clipping

Posted by Are we done yet? on 6/02/05
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    Emma, you cannot compare clipping wings to disabling a child so they cannot
    walk. I'm so tired of this subject. It's been turned upside down, inside out
    every which way. Okay, believe what you believe, but please stop making
    absurd comparisons. Our birds can walk and climb and exercise. Even folks I
    know that do not have children have lost parrots because of walls, windows
    (closed) even the bars of the cage because the macaw would extend it's wings
    while climbing, and while they were gone, the corner of the wing was caught
    between cage bars.. broke a blood feather and poor baby bled to death. The
    cage was plenty big, and that may have happened even if the bird was clipped,
    but she was fully flighted. Parrots are pets They are adapted to our
    environment. We don't cage our kids. Maybe if we caged them, you could use
    them as a comparison. But even YOU keep your fully-flighted bird in a cage, so
    please get off the soap box now.