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Re: Wing Clipping

Posted by Emma on 6/02/05
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    Well I have yet to have heard of/seen a parrot which has died because of a wall
    (!?) It is strange that in the US birds seen incapable of doing anything because
    it is so risky. You would have thought every bird in an English home would be
    lying dead on the floor or in a toilet, yet this does not happen. Wonder why.
    Yes I keep my fully flighted bird in a cage. Where else am I meant to keep him?
    He has dodgy feet which are curled up from when he was bred in my aviary.
    Otherwise he would still be out there now. It was down to my pocket money that
    made sure he had a cage and the freedom to still be a bird despite his
    disability. The vet said it might be easier for us if he was put down but no, I
    made sure he has the best life possible, so don't you DARE say, "even YOU keep
    your fully-flighted bird in a cage, so please get off the soap box now". I have
    Lucky in a cage because he wouldn't have survived otherwise. I also have a
    canary with only one leg which I have bought special soft rope perches for and
    everything. I built my aviary by myself. Cut the wood, saved up to buy the mesh,
    I look after all the birds in it and I love them all. I am devoted to both of
    them and I see the joy Lucky has in flying around the conservatory. I'm sick of
    this argument too but it really annoys me that it's always tried to turn back on
    me. It's always me who's the irresponsible one. Well howz about you take a look
    at yourselves? You don't think you should bother questioning what you do.

    Do you clip the wings for safety? Or for something more than that. For taming?
    Surely this is only good for your interests, not the bird's. Instead of turning
    on me how about you look at this practise and ask yourself if your bird would be
    better without it. You may well scream NO at the screen when reading this, but I
    don't know of anyone who clips wings here, and the articles I've read on
    European websites have been less than favourable. Someone who has experience of
    owning both a flighted parrot and an unflighted one found that the flighted one
    was infinitely happier.

    God I'm worn out.