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Re: Wing Clipping/

Posted by Fran on 6/02/05
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    I have tried to stay out of this argument, and Emma, your "conservatory" is lovely
    and I'm sure Lucky has a great life with you. But I must post one of your quotes and
    respond. You said "All I have in mind here is the welfare of the birds, I'm not
    under some strange delusion. In my opinion it is quite cruel to deny a bird the
    right to fly".

    Emma, the best welfare of the birds is to live freely, as God intended, to choose
    their mates, to breed and raise young in the wild, to live independently of man.
    HOWEVER, we have chosen to attempt to domesticate them to have our pets, make money
    breeding, or whatever. Since we have introduced them into our world, which is
    unnatural to them, we have to do the best we can to make a livable condition for the
    birds and ourselves. Those of us who clip our birds have happy and well adjusted
    birds are are doing what is right for our home. And YOU, Emma, allowing your birds
    to breed are perpetuating the problem. How do you know what kind of homes your birds
    go into. What if they go into homes where their (gasp) wings are clipped, or WORSE!
    Most reputable rescues (and you claim to rescue needy birds) do not breed their
    birds. And I know you have a free flight aviary, but how hard would it be to have
    separate aviaries and separate your males and females.
    Think about this before you fire back some defense.