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Re: Wing Clipping

Posted by Alison on 6/02/05
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    On 6/02/05, Emma wrote:
    >> Owners being irresponsible are not the only way birds gain access to the
    >> outdoors. You have been lucky, I hope your luck holds out. And when a
    >> bird is startled, they don't always have good aim/judgement. Haven't you
    >> ever seen a wild bird fly into a car when something is chasing it? As far
    >> as bird proofing ONE room, I'm sorry, but me and most of the people I know
    >> consider our birds part of our family and would never consider bannishing
    >> them to one room, seperated from us. To us, THAT is cruel. -Alison-
    > I never said we banished him to one room, I said we don't let him out in
    > other rooms due mostly to the presence of our cat. We wheel his cage into
    > the lounge when we are watching TV and I assure you he is very much part of
    > the family. He is not "separated from us" as you put it. He looks the
    > picture of health and is a strong nosy character. I think you have presumed
    > far too much from the information I gave you, and I'll thank you not to
    > accuse me of being cruel when you say your birds are part of your family,
    > yet you decide to cut their wing feathers to stop them flying. Would you do
    > that to a child? Would you make it stay in the same place only able to get
    > around by clambering onto its nearest and dearest. No, because it's
    > unethical. So is wing clipping, in my opinion. But do not accuse me of being
    > cruel when you know so little about how much I care for my birds.
    You are comparing a wing clipping to removing body parts from a child. My
    God!! That's a very desperate and sickening defense. -Alison-