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Re: Wing Clipping

Posted by Emma on 6/02/05
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    I enjoyed reading your response as it was obviously carefully thought out and made
    valid points. One reason I do not have a separate aviary for males/females is because
    I cannot afford to build another one. As I said before not many people (none that I've
    come across) clip their birds' wings. Until I came onto this board it hadn't even
    occured to me that people would contemplate doing so. So I do not worry about my
    birds' wings being clipped. I don't know what homes they go to, but I do know that
    people who want pets would not go to an aviary dealer, which is where I sell my birds,
    they would go to petsmart or another pet shop. I am not a bird rescue, I have rescued
    the odd one or two. What problem am I perpetuating? Overpopulation? Birds are always
    in demand here. It is the owner's choice to clip or not and I am not presuming to tell
    you otherwise. What I am saying is I, personally, do not approve of it. I don't really
    see how by letting my birds breed, which I'm sure a lot of other posters do to, has
    anything to do with wing-clipping. I let my birds get on in the aviary as naturally as
    possible. With canaries, how do I know whether they're male or female? Where would be
    the wonder in discovering one morning you had your first chick of the year? Or
    watching their parents dote on them whilst they grow up. If someone had not bred their
    birds and sold them, I and many others wouldn't have been able to buy healthy
    specimens from the devilish dealer I seem to be irresponsible for frequenting. It's
    basically a pet shop only it deals with birds and fish only. Anyway I digress.

    Thank you for your response, I hope I have done something to alleviate anyone's

    > Emma, the best welfare of the birds is to live freely, as God intended, to choose
    > their mates, to breed and raise young in the wild, to live independently of man.
    > HOWEVER, we have chosen to attempt to domesticate them to have our pets, make money
    > breeding, or whatever. Since we have introduced them into our world, which is
    > unnatural to them, we have to do the best we can to make a livable condition for the
    > birds and ourselves. Those of us who clip our birds have happy and well adjusted
    > birds are are doing what is right for our home. And YOU, Emma, allowing your birds
    > to breed are perpetuating the problem. How do you know what kind of homes your birds
    > go into. What if they go into homes where their (gasp) wings are clipped, or WORSE!
    > Most reputable rescues (and you claim to rescue needy birds) do not breed their
    > birds. And I know you have a free flight aviary, but how hard would it be to have
    > separate aviaries and separate your males and females.
    > Think about this before you fire back some defense.