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Re: What the hell...

Posted by Emma on 6/02/05
(82) Comments

    When did I ever presume to say I'd seen/heard it all?
    And I cannot afford to build another aviary, nor in the middle of my exams have I
    got time. Why are you bothered about the fact I breed them anyway? Is this cruel to
    you as well?

    Why are all the attacks on me personal? I am just putting forward my humble opinion,
    then defending it when others disagree. Am I a horrible person then?

    How on earth do you people know what kind of money I have? Everything to do with the
    birds is bought with my money, not my parents'. My parents have the nice house etc,
    and the aviary outside is well-kept because of my dedication to keeping it clean for
    the birds. I am fed up of these pathetic personal attacks. I came on here to
    volunteer opinions and ideas. Neither of which seem welcome on this board.