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Re: What the hell...

Posted by Kitty.J on 6/02/05
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    Reason to wing clipping:
    1.If you have hazards around and want your bird to be in a safe area
    2.Keep them human social and tame
    3. take them outside and enjoy the sun and freedom of being outside and in the fresh
    air going byebye with mommy/daddy.
    There are more, but i wouldn't clip my birds wings if they were breeding, i have seen
    budgies mate and the male uses both wings that drapes over the female and well then
    mates with all sorts of neck movements. I am okay with wing clipping but only during
    the summer, i would clip my birds wings during the summer so they can go outside and
    not fly away and they can enjoy the sun, i love seeing budgies fly wow such b-e-a-
    utiful feathers! I understand why you disagree with wing clippings but its sorta like
    all animals, they need to adjust, and us humans have too in a sense of manner. But i
    understand why people wouldn't and would clip wings. I clip my parrots wings only in
    the summer, and thats only then, and wouldn't if they were breeding.