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Re: Wing Clipping, in my house- not in option to not do

Posted by Stacy on 6/02/05
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    At either rate, there are too many dangers for a bird in the modern home, so I clip
    my birds' wings. That last thing I need is one of my parrots taking off from one of
    thier play gyms, try to land on my shoulder and fall into a pot of boiling water,
    into the sink or into the oven if I am bending down to check something; or follow me
    into the bathroom and they fall into the toilet; or fly into a window; or fly out the
    door; or fly into a mirror; or get slammed in a door if they are perched up there; or
    get into the trash; or fly and get tangled in one of my decorative lampshades; or get
    burned by a lightbulb; or get whacked by the ceiling fan; or get into an open closet;
    or fall into the washer; or get lost in my cupboards...

    Sorry. You cannot have a totally bird-proof room, and even feathers, especailly blood
    feathers, can still get caught in normal every-day items we don't think about- or how
    thay do it. One of my birds' tailfeathers got caught by my couch, under one of the
    feet. Don't ask me how it happened, I didn't know the bird was on the floor until it
    screamed. That's when I decided to clip my birds wings.

    We keep our birds in cages because it is their safe environment. It is a place they
    can be with entertainment where they do not have to be supervised. Even being clipped
    in a cage is a good thing. Less of a chance the longer feathers can be caught, and
    less of a chance that they will bounce around a lot if they get spooked. This way,
    they do not get the height thay need to really do damage.

    Soap box or pedistal, it just seems to me that it is safer to clip then leaving them
    be. Too much can happen. Even though you have had good luck so far, sooner or later
    the luck is going to run out, and it will be devistating.