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Re: Why you shouldn't wing clip yet more info

Posted by ParrotLady3 on 8/14/05
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    On 8/13/05, MKay to Left Coast Dave wrote:
    >> If one could only see the spectacle of a bird comfortably
    >> flying indoors, they would not clip their bird's wings.
    >> I don't believe in removing the toes from cat feet or chopping
    >> off puppy tails, So, Why Clip Bird Wings? Let's face it:
    > They
    >> are B-I-R-D-S; belonging outdoors in a flock, flying. We
    >> already keep them indoors, many times in solitary
    > confinement.
    >> At a minimum, let's afford them their physical integrity.
    >> Cheers!
    >> Left Coast Dave
    > A parakeet,you say? Have you witnessed the spectacle of a macaw
    > or cockatoo attempting to fly indoors? Huge difference. A tiny
    > parakeet is one thing, but think big for a moment.

    Oops hate when that happens! (hit the wrong button, sorry)

    Anyway- Robin and Mkay make excellent points, but of course
    everyone who clips wing feathers makes excellent points - because
    it's a practice done for good reasons.

    But one more thing to consider: lets imagine for a moment a home
    fire alarm or Carbon monoxide alarm goes off, or there is suddenly
    a real, visible fire in the house...

    Everyone is startled, (humans, pets and birds) people are rushing
    about, gathering children, loved ones and pets to get out of the
    house as quickly as possible.
    These things don't always happen when everyone is safely tucked
    into their beds (or cages).

    How many birds might be lost or horribly injured if they are
    flying free- in a panic!- within a home and can't be easily caught?
    How many other pets or possessions might be lost because time was
    spent trying to catch free flying, frightened birds?

    You can have all the pet carriers at hand, all the pillow cases at
    the ready, all the "tools" to evacuate safely and quickly, but if
    you can't CATCH the bird(s) it's all for nothing.
    And no one can say how even the most docile, well trained full
    flighted bird will react under those scary conditions.

    Now you may be thinking; oh please, like how often will THAT
    happen? Well, it only takes ONCE to be devestating....


    PS; one last thing- clipping wing feathers is more like getting
    a HAIRCUT than "chopping off toes or tails".