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Re: Why you shouldn't wing clip yet more info

Posted by Stacy on 8/15/05
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    Good grief... This one is a real hot topic for me. The modern home is
    impossible to bird proof- they are as smart as cats, and can reach
    higher places unless clipped. Unless they have a place to themselves,
    like a pole barn or a large shed that is as safe as my home with less
    danger to get into, I refuse to EVER let my birds go unclipped.

    Just wait until that little beasty flies from you and gets a toe
    caught where you could possibly not reach him. To me, the drama is
    not worth it. I have cathedral celings and sky lights, hanging
    decorative rought iron chandaliers and curtains that are twice as
    tall as me. If you do not teach a bird properly to come to you, they
    could get stuck, and get scared; and not come down.

    It is a risk to clip a birds wings, and it is a risk to not. It is
    for the owner to decide, and if it comes to devistating results if
    you don't, it's on the owners' hands. Given the temptaion of all the
    goodies in my home for ANY bird to want to trot with, I choose to

    Plus, feathers grow back. Toes and tails don't. It's all part of
    being a domesticated animal and a responsable bird guardian. I would
    prefer them to fall from a table and bust a blood feather then fly
    into a window and fall into a pot of boiling water. But, it's your