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Re: Wing Clipping

Posted by Trena on 9/07/07
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    On 6/02/05, Are we done yet? wrote:
    > Emma, you cannot compare clipping wings to disabling a child so they cannot
    > walk. I'm so tired of this subject. It's been turned upside down, inside out
    > every which way. Okay, believe what you believe, but please stop making
    > absurd comparisons. Our birds can walk and climb and exercise. Even folks I
    > know that do not have children have lost parrots because of walls, windows
    > (closed) even the bars of the cage because the macaw would extend it's wings
    > while climbing, and while they were gone, the corner of the wing was caught
    > between cage bars.. broke a blood feather and poor baby bled to death. The
    > cage was plenty big, and that may have happened even if the bird was clipped,
    > but she was fully flighted. Parrots are pets They are adapted to our
    > environment. We don't cage our kids. Maybe if we caged them, you could use
    > them as a comparison. But even YOU keep your fully-flighted bird in a cage, so
    > please get off the soap box now.

    THANK YOU!!!!!! I am getting so tierd of hearing people talk about why not to clip
    theirs and other birds wings and why do clip them. I totally agree with you. Just
    thought I should back you up.