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Re: Wing Clipping

Posted by Mj on 9/29/07
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    I remember replying to this topic SOOO long ago! LOL!!!! I was for Wing clipping
    then. And I am not now. I do clip when I must. But I will not clip my larger parrots
    wings. I have clippe dmy female budgies, because she was a bit too territorial to
    her cage mates, and now that she is out of the "mood" to mate, and is very sweet
    again to the other birds (have always been sweet to me) she is getting flighted
    again and working on flighted training and recalling back to me :)

    I have clicked my two quakers. But they are flighty birds. I have cats and cannot
    have them get them. And its for their safety. I also clip my Eastern Rosella
    Parakeets. If I did not my wild easter rosella wouldnt be allowed out of her cage,
    she LOVED (Or He Loves) my Red Lored Amazon, and in the beginning would sky bomb and
    attack her. Now that she is out in the living room with the 2 quakers its unsafe, so
    I clip his wings and he gets plenty of time to see his "lover" My amazon and out of
    cage time :)